Students Receive Anti-Frack Rap at Evergreen Middle school

Some students at Evergreen Middle School got a very one-sided presentation on energy on Friday, May 3, watching a live “What the Frack” rap that told students natural gas and coal “poisoned the water, poisoned the air, poisoned the people, do you think that’s fair?”


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4 Responses to Students Receive Anti-Frack Rap at Evergreen Middle school

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  2. Eric Bischoff says:

    I didn’t know that access to clean drinking water and clean air was a liberal or conservative thing. I thought it was more like all men are created equal and they need access to clean water and air to have quality of life.

    Liberals should never apologize for wanting to protect that. Conservatives on the other end should be ashamed for caring more about profits than people or our mother Earth. It may be hard for some of you to connect the dots but it is also directly related to our increasing health care costs.

    The earth is not flat and coal, gas, oil and nuclear are not clean energies no matter what language manipulations you all decide to use. (clear skies initiative) what kind of creeps dream this up.

    I knew day one that Bush and Cheney’s drill baby drill was all about handing out thousands of gas drilling leases. Haliburton’s technology is criminal. The use of millions of gallons of toxic chemicals to crack shale and release gas is not just dumb it’s criminal. It also now causes earthquakes and releases nuclear radiation.

    This from the crowd that hides behind pro-life and family values. Please explain to me how you will answer for your crimes to your children and their children on further destruction of this earth, this atmosphere and their future access to clean drinking water and clean air?

  3. Eric Bischoff says:

    I will add that since the main stream media led by Fox and the other alphabet pretend news media are all pro-oil, pro-war and pro-fracking, a presentation of facts with an alternative viewpoint in a school cannot be one sided. That’s an oxymoron.

  4. Eric Bischoff says:

    Oh and did you see today’s news:
    Due to Lack of Political Commitment Global CO2 in Atmosphere Passes 400ppm Critical Milestone Yahoo! via @guardian

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