Huelskamp Schools Obama – The Buck Never Stops (Video)

Earlier this evening, President Obama announced that he had fired acting IRS Commissioner, Steven Miller in response to the agency’s targeting the tax exempt status of tea parties and other conservative groups.  As Fox News contributor, Charles Krauthammer opined, nothing short of and independent prosecutor will do.  The fox simply cannot guard the hen house!


Congressman Huelskamp corrects President Obama’s false claim that the IRS is “an independent agency”

One need not be a constitutional law professor (Obama) or have a Ph.D. (Huelskamp) to know that!

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) utilized a one minute floor speech to show the President where the IRS is located on the executive branch organization chart, educate the President on the legal definition of the term “independent agency,” apprise the President that Congress gave him the power to fire the IRS Commissioner, and admonish the President for his latest effort to pass the buck.  Read more at:

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