Legal Immigrants Speak at “Audit the IRS” Rally

Today’s Audit the IRS Rally at the Capitol was organized by Tea Party Patriots. There were many great speakers including Conservative lawmakers, personalities and members of Conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS for the major sin of applying for tax exempt status.

Also speaking were two legal immigrants, Arkady Faktotovich (Katy, TX Tea Party Patriots) who immigrated from the former Soviet Union, and Hans Marsden (Central KY Tea Party) who came here from England.  Both of these fine men and their families immigrated to the United States many years ago because of the freedoms both personal and economic that were here in the USA.  Both Arkady and Hans spoke of the loss of freedoms that are taking place right now, and about how fearful they are.
Arkady Hans

[audio ]

Click the player (above) to to Arkady and Hans speak.

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