The Farm Bill and Food Stamps – It’s a SNAP

Rep. Stutzman and AFP Want to Split the Bill

WheatRarely does the farm bill get much attention. That changed when Indiana’s Third District Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-Howe) introduced an amendment to the farm bill that would split the bill into two separate pieces of legislation. If separated, one bill would focus on programs that directly related to farmers and the other would address food-stamp programs. Read more at

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1 Response to The Farm Bill and Food Stamps – It’s a SNAP

  1. Lloyd Bailey says:

    There is no proper jurisdiction for the Federal government to be involved in agriculture or food stamps. It is all wealth redistribution! The farm bill benefits the big farmers at the expense of the small farmers. It achieves monopolistic capitalism! Food stamps, aka welfare are one of the many reasons that farmers cannot get field labor. Why should anyone work for the money when you can get it for free? We must demand our congressman (employee) to never vote in favor of any bill that is not authorized by the constitution. As Calvin Coolidge observed, ” It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good bills”.

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