The Great Tray-Con: America Manipulated to Miss the Real Story

Dylan-SkriloffPlease note:  There has been much written about the George Zimmerman trial, about the Judge, about the media, about the City of Sanford, about racism and perceived racism and the media coverage of this case.  Please note that this has been posted after the judge has charged the jury but before a verdict has been reached.


By Dylan Skriloff  – Clash Daily Guest Contributor

We’ve seen it before; the mass media hyping up a small story into a national sensation.

Sensationalism is part of the business, after all, and anybody in the media lives off of ratings or web hits or print circulation. Eyeballs and eardrums, however you break it down.

This here New York-area weekly newspaper editor writing in Clash Daily for the first time, cannot remember the last time a serious story outed as a media-generated fraud has had so much staying power as the Trayvon Martin case.

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