The Tea Party’s Only Move: Stop John Boehner

Opinion: by Yates Walker
Boehner CryingWhen Chuck Schumer entered public service, David was still the king of Israel. And Pontius Pilate once discussed the pros and cons of public crucifixion with John McCain. These men have records. The American national debt has more than septupled on their collective watch. When either McCain or Schumer insists that a matter is urgent, you should put your hand on your wallet. When they get together and announce that they have a comprehensive solution, grab a rifle.

I can’t tell you what’s in the immigration bill. Neither can anyone else. It’s 1,200 pages long and written in Klingon. No one who voted for it has read it. But on “Fox News Sunday” last week, Chuck Schumer said he’s worried that if this bill doesn’t pass, the GOP will soon become a regional party. That’s right: Chuck Schumer is looking out for the Republican Party’s future. And as utterly insane as that is, here’s the kicker: the GOP is falling for it.

John Boehner says House Republicans will come up with their own bill. He must be stopped. Continue reading at:

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