Democratic Congressman: ‘Not Fair’ To Subject Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else

Publisher’s Note:  We ran this post last month.  It had  such an amazing response and the topic is so important and timely, we thought it worthy of posting again:

The hypocritical and arrogant elite are finally starting to wake up!


Representative John Larson (D-Conn.) (Photo credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund)

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) was being debated, proponents were accused of saddling Americans with inferior and expensive health care while keeping generous coverage for themselves at taxpayer expense. To rebut that allegation and build confidence in the bill, a provision was added mandating that members of Congress – and their staff members – get their coverage through the new exchange system the bill set up. Now that the time to sign up for exchange coverage is nearing, a Democratic member, Rep. John Larson (D., Conn.), is saying that “this is simply not fair” – as key staff members head for the exits to avoid Obamacare. Continue reading at:

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