Light Bulbs and the NSA

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Light Bulb Ann-Marie Murrell

Attribution: Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press

Yesterday I was in K-Mart looking for a lamp but unfortunately all of them came with one of those ugly swirly lightbulbs. An older couple was standing next to me and I overheard them grumbling about being forced to buy things they didn’t want–which in LA is code-talk for being conservative. I said, “Are you talking about light bulbs, or something else?” They both looked at me skeptically, trying to sum me up. “Maybe…what do you think about plastic bags?” I said, “I love plastic bags, old-fashioned light bulbs and gasoline in old-fashioned, non-electric cars. And I despise what’s happening to our country.” The husband said, “Guess we’re on the B-team these days…” None of us were laughing because it just wasn’t funny. I gave them one of my PolitiChicks business cards before we parted, all of us leaving lamp-less. AMM/

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