Part Time President

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  2. Darlene Pifalo says:

    He’s been part time since he was elected…. that’s why this country is in shape it’s in….the Russian President is running things now….. he was the void too….shame on the Americans for voting him not once but twice…how’s that “hope and change” working for those that put him in office…I hope you’re working full time!!!! Darlene

    • Joe Sabatella says:

      Have read your entries in the Gainesville Sun (Speaking Out section) and have appreciated your comments and views. My opinion regarding your reference to Obama’s efforts as the president being part-time:

      He’s been working full-time in dismantling our once wonderful Republic to “fundamentally transform” it into a third-world-like country while smiling on every golf-course he can get to (I suspect at our expense). Every treasonous act, suing Arizona for their efforts in enforcing immigration laws, the cover-up of the Bengasi tragedy, snuffing out our coal industry, ignoring the opportunities and benefits of the Keystone pipeline, the obvious harassment of the Tea Party organizations that applied for tax-exempt status, etc. etc. etc. He’s hard at work . . . . but not to the benefit of our County’s interest or survival.

      • Darlene Pifalo says:

        Joe I agree with you 100% and maybe if he was a “full time President” we would be worse off…so I guess it’s time to count our blessing…and pray for a better President in 2016~~~!!! Darlene

  3. Cheryl says:

    I know our City of Gainesville roads are “fundamentally transformed” into 3rd-world roads too. Ashamed of them and embarrassed by the Courthouse scene of a wall of garbage bags with people’s “stuff” in them surrounded by seemingly homeless people aimlessly walking around (but maybe they’re just on welfare and bored…they did have cell phones.) I took my disabled friend there and she found no handicapped ramps or anything and she walks with a cane! That whole downtown thing is an embarrassment as well as the roads. It looks like a slum area.

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