Michelle Malkin (“Just a Blogger”) at RightOnline 2013

It was great reconnecting with Michelle Malkin at this year’s RightOnline in Orlando.

“RightOnline, a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, is dedicated to advancing liberty and prosperity for all Americans through greater citizen participation online.

“The RightOnline Conference brings top new media, technology, and messaging experts together with hundreds of committed citizen activists to provide important leadership and grassroots training, offering tools and inspiration to more effectively impact public policy in favor of limited government and free enterprise. The agenda provides a solid program of workshops and training seminars on new media strategies and tools that can be used to mobilize and advance free market policies.”

Michelle Malkin was the keynote speaker on Friday night and she was on the panel in one of the small training sessions on Saturday morning entitled Clicktivism: Fighting the Battle Online.  The small group format allowed for quite a bit of individual participation. Michelle is always fired up and passionate on the issues, but she is warm and personable at the same time.  I got a lot out of the “class” and I really appreciated the time she spent with me afterwards.  Watch for more posts on RightOnline over the next few days.

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