Tea Party Leads From the FRONT – House Passes CR That Defunds Obamacare

Obamacare ImpactBy now almost everyone knows that the House passed a bill on Friday to fund the government but with a delay of any funding for Obamacare for one year.  It passed with only one dissenting Republican vote, Scott Rigell (VA).  Two Democrets, Jim Matheson (UT) and Mike McIntyre (NC) voted for it.

And yes, the Republican leadership, i.e. Boehner and Cantor, were dragged to the alter to lend their enthusiastic support for defunding Obamacare (after they were against it, that is).  Many in the GOP were against defunding Obamacare until this week, but thankfully, they changed their minds in the end.  What changed their minds? You and I did.  And you and I equal we – as in We the People.  Yes, over one and a half million petition signatures and countless tweets and phone calls worth of We the People!  Before I get too far ahead of myself, I have to say that we’ve had some great coaches in this endeavor, namely Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Representative Tom Graves (GA) who introduced the House bill.

The main conflict among the establishment (am I being too kind?) Republicans and the grassroots Republicans was that the establishment folks pushed the mantra that there was no point in the House passing a continuing resolution that would defund Obamacare, because it would automatically be negated in the Senate where the Democrats have the majority.  And the Republicans would get the blame for shutting down the government.  Of course the Republicans weren’t about shutting the government down, they want to keep the government open and fund everything but Obamacare.  But unfortunately, if there’s one thing the RINOs (there I said it) don’t like, it’s a fight.  And Mr. Boehner has waved his white flag of surrender so many times that he’s had to alternate arms to avoid getting muscle-bound.  Add to this, the so-called “conservative pundits” like Karl Rove, David Brooks and Bill O’Reilly, and other meddlers like Jeb Bush pooh-poohing any true Conservative willing to stand and fight for Liberty by saying that it would be the death of the party, and you’ve got one hell of a mess.  And as usual, they have the predatory media as their allies, but do I really need to go there?

But in the end, the Graves bill easily passed the House and now the Senate battle begins.  There is much to be done there and the moderate Senate Democrats who are up for re-election must be pressured to vote with the will of the people.  This is not over if we fail in the Senate – Cruz will use every arrow in his quiver, including the filibuster if necessary.  It’s possible that this may be going back and forth between the House and Senate a few times.  The biggest thing we need right now as a first step is to get every Republican senator to stand strong.  This is where we come in!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a hat tip to our congressman Ted Yoho and our neighbor up the road, Ron DeSantis, for their tireless efforts in this fight. I’ll close with a quote:

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams

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