#FairnessForAll: One Year Delay Protects All Americans from ObamaCare

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In advance of today’s votes on keeping the government open, paying our troops, and stopping as much of ObamaCare as possible, our latest video – “Fairness For All” – underscores why Senate Democrats should follow our lead and delay the president’s health care law for all Americans – not just big businesses. For example:

It’s driving up costs.

The president said his law would save the typical family $2,500 – in reality, millions of Americans face rate shock as premiums soar. In fact, according to Forbes, analysis shows “Obamacare will increase underlying insurance rates for younger men by an average of 97 to 99 percent, and for younger women by an average of 55 to 62 percent.” [SEE MORE]

It’s hurting our economy.

Democrats said the law would be a boon for our economy, but “small- and medium-sized businesses are not hiring because of” the president’s health care law, reports CNBC. Some companies have “threatened to cut payrolls to below the 50-employee threshold, or switch some full-time workers to part time,” says the Star-Ledger. And the law’s medical device tax – which the House will vote today to permanently repeal – could ship an estimated 43,000 American jobs overseas. [SEE MORE]

It’s jeopardizing access to care.

The president said if you like your plan you can keep it, but “a growing number of workers won’t get to keep their employer-provided coverage,” says POLITICO. Many firms are simply dropping coverage. “Consumers could see long wait times, a scarcity of specialists and loss of a longtime doctor,” says the LA Times. [SEE MORE]

The American people don’t want it.

Americans’ views of the president’s health care law “are as negative as ever,” according to a USA TODAY/Pew Research Center survey. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey finds that the majority of Americans (52 percent) believe the president’s health care law “will result in their health-care costs increasing.” Even Democrats who supported the law are turning against it.

Even the president admits it isn’t ready for prime time.

Not only has the president signed seven bills repealing or defunding parts of his law – he’s delayed several provisions, including mandates on big businesses. As Speaker Boehner has said, “How are we going to give big businesses in America a break, without giving individuals and families the same break?”

See more at: http://www.speaker.gov/video/fairnessforall-one-year-delay-protects-all-americans-obamacare#sthash.pLuzyMeU.dpuf

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