Tea Party: We Need More Heroes, NOW!

Lloyd Marcus Lloyd Marcus, September 28, 2013

Are you as frustrated as I? You can count on one hand the conservative Republicans who are aggressively fighting Obama and the Democrat’s fundamental transformation of America.

Sarah Palin is out there chastising “RINO” Republicans for putting politics over the best interest of We The People. Palin praised Ted Cruz for taking a stand for freedom and liberty. Thank God for Sister Sarah, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee. But they need help!

Cruz Palin lee Lonegan

Steve Lonegan is cut from the same cloth. Legally blind since childhood, Lonegan has never used his disability as a crutch. As mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, his record of conservative fiscally wise decisions speaks for itself. Lonegan is fearless, outspoken and relentless in his efforts to stop Obama’s socialist/progressive agenda.  Read more at: americanthinker.com/blog.

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  1. MJC says:

    Yes ! I am frustrated….

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