Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Defunding Obamacare on Meet the Press – VIDEO

Senator Ted Cruz (R Texas) appeared on Sunday’s Meet the Press.  This man is the real deal.  David Gregory challenged him with every talking point he could think of.  But the senator didn’t need talking points; he just responded with the facts.  And with conviction.  This man knows his stuff and communicates it from the heart.  Most importantly, he has the truth and the Constitution on his side.

Gregory set many traps for Cruz, but the senator never once took the bait.  He just spoke his heart and mind in the calm and sincere manner that is his trademark.  He never tensed up, never raised his voice or got defensive.  And no matter what box canyon Gregory tried him into, Cruz just would not enter.

Ted Cruz is right on this issue.  If more of his so-called peers don’t follow him, it is on them!  Ted Cruz is a real leader, and unlike the current occupier of the White House, he commands and deserves real respect.  Not just for the office he holds , but for the man.

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