For Rep. Ted Yoho, Government Shutdown is ‘The Tremor Before the Tsunami’

Way to go, Ted!

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Why in the world would Ted Yoho ever back down?“This one is from a 72-year-old lady: ‘Way to go, tiger,’ ” said Yoho (R-Fla.), a freshman congressman. In the middle of the government shutdown that he had helped bring on, Yoho is reading texts off his personal cellphone.

Here’s another. “It just says, ‘Shutdown,’ ” Yoho said. “With a smiley face.”

A year ago, Yoho was a large-animal veterinarian in north Florida who had never held elected office. Today, he is part of one of the most influential voting blocs in the House of Representatives, the hard-line conservatives who pushed their own leadership into a risky showdown over President Obama’s health-care law. Read more at:

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