LA Jewish Journal Cartoonist Depicts Tea Partiers as ‘Tea-Hadists’


By Ben Shapiro,  On Friday, October 11, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which is handed out free to virtually every synagogue in the city of Los Angeles and which has a circulation of 50,000 copies and 150,000 weekly readers, ran a cartoon by Steve Greenberg, who does editorial cartoons for the paper each week. Greenberg’s cartoon, labeled “Greenberg’s View,” depicted a suicide bomber with a Republican button and a Tea Party tri-corner hat, a suicide vest around his waist, a detonator in his hand. “Of course I don’t feel any regrets about the cost everyone will pay for my beliefs! After all, there are 72 virgins awaiting me!” The drawing was titled, “THE TEA-HADIST.”

The Journal has both readers and advertisers acutely attuned to the needs of victims of Islamist terror. For the Journal to run such a cartoon comparing Tea Partiers, who simply want less government spending, to Islamist terrorists who murder babies in pizza parlors, is despicable. Email editor Rob Eshman at to express your displeasure.  Hat tip: , where this article appeared today.

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