It’s Not a Bug, It’s The Future

Healthcare is Down

By Bill Whittle

Much has been made of the catastrophic failure of the computer system designed to handle our glorious National Health Service. And needless to say, while the left admits to being embarrassed at the fact that people cannot create accounts after 40+ tries, they are claiming that this is simply a software issue that will be resolved soon enough, and then we can all go and log on to find out how high the new rates actually are.

Unless, of course, you qualify for a subsidy, which means that the person who is already out there straining to pay higher premiums in order to conform with Obamacare, can strain a little harder to pay the extra taxes so that he can lower your premiums, so that he can pay for your decisions twice.

In other words, Mitt Romney will pay more in premiums and taxes, so that his money can go to someone else, so that Obama can take the credit for being caring, while Mitt remains a cancer-causing monster who ships binders full of women to China. Got it? Now you’re on the trolley!

But look: here’s the thing… this is not a bug: it’s the future.  Read more at:

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