Republicans Used to Believe

Eastwood Believes
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  1. Darlene Pifalo says:

    I couldn’t agree any more then 100%…. look at Washington and all the Republicans and how long they have been in office…there should be term limits…. maybe a total of 10 years…not 20 or 50 years… new ideas and new blood is important… and staff needs to change too…I really think staff is running the country too…and get rid of programs that are NOT working and positions that are not needed too…… we saw with Congressman Cruz because of new ideas he was “cut to pieces” by the old guard!!! because he was doing something for the people… change is not easy for anyone especially the “old guard” guarding their territory… too bad for our country…The TEA PARTY needs to keep doing what they are doing and getting the Dem’s nervous!!! Darlene

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