TN State Senator Presents Kathleen Sebelius With ‘Websites For Dummies’ Book

By Debra Heine via

Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey presented HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with a gift of “Websites For Dummies” during a Memphis ObamaCare event, today, evoking a lot of  annoyed, constipated looks in the people around her.

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1 Response to TN State Senator Presents Kathleen Sebelius With ‘Websites For Dummies’ Book

  1. MJC says:

    Why throw more salt on this shitty wound? Doesn’t the majority of people want Obamacare to fail somehow and some way quickly? Most of us are aware that Sebelius had to abide by what Obama wanted along with the whole rigged contract bidding fiasco. I am not defending Sebelius because she naturally has her own sharpened claws. I am outraged and disappointed that the bidding of this website did not have a clause for “U.S. contractors only”. All federal grants have clauses that state “U.S. products only along with tags placed on any equipment or resources” and this is because the money is U.S. taxpayers money. Why accept outside resources when the U.S. has those resources here and those U.S. contractors need the business. OK, I need a book entitled, “How to Survive our Congressional Mandates for U.S. Taxpayer Dummies”.

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