AP Buries the Facts in its Sebelius’ Eligibility ‘Fact Check’

Sebelius Heckuva Job

The AP tried to bury the truth Wednesday in its supposed “fact check” on Sebelius’ blatantly false claim that she could not enroll in Obamacare because she is “part of thefederal employee health benefit plan.”

First the exchange between HHS Secretary Sebelius and Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) from Wednesday’s hearing:

Gardner: You’re in charge of this law, correct? Why aren’t you in the exchange?

Sebelius: Because I’m part of the federal employee health benefit plan. … I’m not eligible for the exchange.

Gardner: You can decide to drop your coverage of your employer. You have the choice to decide not to choose …

Sebelius: Not true, sir.

Gardner: I would encourage you to be just like the American people and enter the exchange and agree to find a way …

Sebelius: It’s illegal.

So Sebelius claims it is “illegal” for her to choose to drop the federal employee health benefit plan. This is clearly false. Healthcare.gov itself encourages those already in employer plans to shop around to see if they can’t get a better deal. But here is how the AP spins it:  Continue reading at: truthrevolt.org.

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