How Obama’s Death Panel Works

Killing GrannyIn the debates, there has been much talk about the Obama death panel.  Liberal fact checkers are working overtime to cover up the administration’s lies.  The claim is made that IPAB cannot ration health care.  They can cut reimbursements to doctors, but they do not have the power to ration.

The US Preventative Service Task Force has declared that mammograms are not necessary for women ages 40 to 49.  IPAB doesn’t have to ration.  A government backed group did.  IPAB would merely say they are not an approved procedure.  But don’t worry, it is only likely to lead to 11,500 premature deaths per year.  Good thing women have the democrats looking out for them, huh?  How did I come up with my numbers?  There are 21.9 million women in this group.  The AMA says that out of every 1900 screenings one life would be saved.  You do the math. Continue reading at:

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