Families Discuss Obamacare at Christmas, Unify Against It

Government run healthcare is so intrusive, the Obamacare website is so dysfunctional and enrollment has been so dismal that the Obama Regime has resorted to spending OUR money on many ad campaigns to get people to sign up. One of these tactics has been to encourage people to talk to their friends and family members (especially the young and healthy millennials) at family holiday gatherings. First Lady Michelle has even gotten into the act. This desperate push started on Thanksgiving and has continued right up through Christmas. Unfortunately for the regime the results have mostly yielded coal.

People have flocked to Twitter to relate their experiences and Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy Team has compiled several tweets from around the country:

Twitchy Healthcare Tweets
Click HERE to see more tweets.  You won’t be disappointed.  And by the way, if this weren’t so sad it would be halarious!

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