Israeli Kids Donate Warm Clothes to Syrian Refugees

‘All the children contributed with a full heart – it didn’t matter if they were Jewish or Arab,’ says the Israeli teacher heading the collection drive.


Israeli Kids

The sign at the collection site reads, “Team Shimshon is volunteering for ‘the other.’”

Pounds and pounds of sweaters, coats, blankets and other warming winter gear are on their way to Syrian refugees from a surprising source: a multi-ethnic Israeli high school located on a military base in the north, not far from the Syrian border.

Amal-Shimshon School teacher Eti Cohen tells ISRAEL21c that fellow teacher Hana Perlmutter heard a radio report last week about Human Warmth (Chom Enoshi), an Israeli student effort to collect and donate warm clothing and bedding to women and children refugees from the Syrian civil war that began in March 2011 and has displaced at least 2.5 million Syrian citizens. Read more at:

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