Alive and Clipping: Don’t Give Up in a Medical Crisis.


Dr. McKalip

This is a must read.  Dr. David McKalip is a practicing neurosurgeon in St. Petersburg, Florida and a friend.  David has been fighting Government-Run Healthcare and to preserve the doctor-patient relationship for years.  He has debated many national figures on the evils of socialized medicine including one of the architects of Obamacare.  David has written many articles on the topic.  His latest is appears below:


Carl Troup

Carl Troup’s Wife Linda said: “leave no stone unturned” after his heart attack.

By David McKalip, M.D. – Carl Troup cuts hair well.  He does it with style and with an ear and thought to current events.  He cut hair in St. Petersburg for 46 years, with many community leaders among his longtime customers, including past Governor Charlie Crist. Carl Troup had a major heart attack earlier this year and he is alive, in part, due to great medical care he received at the hospital. But the real reason he is alive is because his wife and family never gave up on him despite some suggestion to do otherwise. Carl’s story shows that medical care still has much to offer and even when things seem grim, fighting to save a life when uncertainty looms is still the best option.  Read more at:

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