Mark Levin: Boycott The State Of The Union Speech

Today, radio talk show host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin called for a Republican boycott of this month’s State of the Union speech.  Its purpose would be to demonstrate their opposition to the lack of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress adherence to the Constitution.  Will the Republicans unite and follow Conservative principles?  Or will they attack those who do, as they did last September leading up to the shutdown?  This post continues below the video.

This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it.MARK LEVIN: Here’s what should happen at the State of the Union speech.  Since these men and women will not use the Constitution to defend this nation, since they will not use the Constitution to confront a lawless president; worse yet, since their funding his activities with these omnibus bills filled with all kinds of crap.  What the Republicans should do is boycott the State of the Union.  They should boycott the State of the Union so half of the House floor, because that’s where they meet, is empty.  And they should get together and present their own case on the State of the Union and explain in an articulate and concise way what the State of the Union is, and how the president threatens this republic.  They need to do something bold that will get the attention of some of our fellow citizens and which the media, which will attack it, but cannot ignore it.

If they’re not going to take a stand constitutionally and legally, they should at least take a stand on the steps of the Capitol or somewhere.  Together, shoulder to shoulder, and say we have a lawless president doing lawless things and make their case to the American people.

It would be historic, it would be profound.  That finally, the opposition party demonstrates that it opposes not just the Democratic party, but the destruction of this republic by this president and his willing dupes in Congress.  Obama does what he needs to do, Harry Reid does what he needs to do, God knows Pelosi did the same thing.  We’re not talking about civil disobedience here, we’re not talking about doing anything lawless, boycott the State of the Union Speech.  Stand shoulder to shoulder.  Give the American people a choice:  Between Liberty and tyranny.

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    If I were a Republican Congresswoman, I would do this,

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