Nothing ‘lame duck’ about a president working to bring down America

Obama’s no lame duck. He’s the top duck bringing America down and quacking loudly as he goes about it

Lame Duck

By Judi McLeod

Dutifully, and even downright meekly,  the mainstream media—including Fox News—is reporting on Obama’s wobbly and weak State of the Union Address this morning.

The shock value of his vow to act ‘with or without Congress’ went out with the tide weeks ago.

“After vowing in his State of the Union address to use the power of the pen to pursue his agenda in 2014, President Obama once again is hitting the campaign trail to tout his proposals—while countering criticism that his presidency has entered a lame-duck phase.” (, Jan. 29, 2014)

Proof positive that the millions who switched to neutral television channels the moment SOTU coverage started last night didn’t miss a thing. Read more at:

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