San Diego Elects Republican to Replace Bob Filner

Faulconer11:06 p.m. PST: Faulconer’s lead narrows very slightly, to just under 10 points, 55.24% to 44.76%, with 85.9% of precincts counting. It’s not just a win for the Republican: it’s an unexpected landslide victory. The San Diego Union-Tribune has called the race for Faulconer. Cue the concession/acceptance speeches.

10:37 p.m. PST: With 62.9% of the precincts reporting, and the gap steady at nearly 11 points, Breitbart News can call the race for Mayor of San Diego for Republican Kevin Faulconer over Democrat David Alvarez. The unofficial tally provided by San Diego County is 55.39% for Faulconer, and 44.61% for Alvarez. That translates into a lead of nearly 25,000 votes. There is no way that Alvarez will close that gap tonight. Continue reading at:

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