Katrina Pierson and her story are what the Republican Party desperately needs

KamikazeAmy Kremer is chair of Tea Party Express and a friend. In this article she writes about Katrina Pierson, a conservative running for Congress against establishment RINO, Pete Sessions, in the upcoming Republican primary in Texas. The article also delves deeply into the Grand Old Party’s efforts to sabotage conservative candidates no matter the cost. Maybe they should forgo the elephant logo for that of a Kamikaze pilot? – ADB

By Amy KremerKatrina Pierson

(via Rare)  Have you heard of Katrina Pierson? Probably not.

We hear a lot about the problems the Republican Party has attracting voters outside its traditional base, perceived as overwhelmingly male, older, married and white.

GOP-affiliated talking heads lament the fact that women, young people, singles and minorities won’t give the Republican Party a second look. Party operatives spend millions on post-mortems and autopsies analyzing the intractable puzzle of the GOP’s lack of acceptance within these circles.

We are told that Republicans might never win national elections again because they alienate minorities and don’t know how to reach or effectively communicate their message to a diverse set of voters. Continue reading at: rare.us.

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