Mark Levin at Tea Party Patriots 5th Anniversary Event

February 27, 2014:  Mark Levin, aka The Great One, was the keynote speaker at today’s event celebrating the fifth anniversary Tea Party movement.  Levin both thanked and congratulated those of us in this fight to regain our lost liberties, and he encouraged and implored us to keep up the struggle.

As you read these excerpts from Mark’s speech and watch this moving video, you will see that true conservatives in the sixties and seventies faced the same struggles with the so-called establishment, that tea party and other true conservatives face today.  Stand tall my fellow warriors, he’s speaking of you!

“…The Tea Party movement is the only thing left that stands between what remains of our Republic and the tyranny of runaway government.  And I say this from the bottom of my heart and my soul, and I thank you. You are the citizens from all walks of life and from every corner of the country, who possess the spirit and enthusiasm of the Founding Fathers, proclaim the principles of individual liberty and unalienable rights as set forth in our Declaration, and insist on the Federal Government’s compliance with the Constitution’s limits. You are astutely aware of the peril of the moment, and all that is at stake.  And for this, you are smeared, and attacked by the ruling class, Democrats and Republicans alike, by the media from the New York Slimes to the Wall Street Journal, and countless others who are dragging this nation into the abyss.  And I know that at times you wonder if we will be able to reverse course, you wonder if it’s all worth it, you wonder if you should live quiet lives among friends and tend to your own needs.  But I also know you’re Americans and you cannot be idle and you will not be silenced while a relative handful of self-aggrandizing masterminds seek to lord over you and your fellow citizens.  You will not let your country fail…”

“…You see Ronald Reagan was not part of the establishment, he was an outsider.  And like you and so many others throughout history, he had the courage to stand up and be counted.  And for this, also like you, Reagan and his supporters were disparaged and dismissed by the same ruling class…”

Levin then recited this quote from George Will, 1974:

  “…Reagan is 63 and he looks it.  His hair is so remarkably free of gray, but around the mouth and neck, he looks like an old man.  He has never demonstrated substantial national appeal.  His hardcore support today consists primarily of the Kamikaze Conservatives who thought the 1960 Goldwater campaign was jolly fun.  And there is reason to doubt that Reagan is well suited to appeal to the electorate that just produced a Democratic landslide…”

I never thought I would be saying this but:  How sad that we must fight not for new freedoms, nor to rise to new heights, but to maintain what we already have; and to reclaim what we once had, but lost. ADB

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