Obama Drops Medicare Changes

Oh those pesky Midterm Elections!
DrugsThe Obama administration dropped a surprise plan (actually, nothing surprises me these days) due to outrage from Congress and K Street.  Although the plan would have limited only three types of drugs, cancer, HIV and anti-seizure, it would have greatly reduced the medications available to seniors through Medicare. And as we know, once the genie is out of the bottle in Washington, more cuts were sure to follow.  But in a rare show of cojones, congress stood up.  Thomas Jefferson was right:  “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

These cuts that the Regime were about to make were not only Draconian, but reminiscent of the narrow drug formularies that have appeared on the new Obamacare Exchange plans; you know the ones those lying (can anyone spell H-a-r-r-y R-e-i-d?) Republican policyholders are complaing about.

Read the story at The Hill’s Healthwatch.

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