The Audacity of Michelle

Forlorn without the group of women he leaves whenever he gets a chance to go golfing, Barack Obama is so distraught the womenfolk are in China he immediately soothed himself by hosting a screening of Cesar Chavez: An American Hero.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Obama, her mama, daughters, an entourage of 70 people, and an army of Asian-American Secret Service men are on a Far East journey that the White House says “will be light on politics and heavy on personal diplomacy.”

However, based on the hefty cost of the first lady’s presidential hotel suite and the concierge’s complaints that, despite having a 24-hour butler, Grandma Marian is “barking orders” at the staff, the trip might better be described as ‘light on diplomacy and heavy on arrogance and discourtesy.’  Read more at


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