Benghazi: The Smoking Gun is in the White House

Attribution: @Tomfoolerycartoons

Attribution: Tomfoolerycartoons  The mystery of the misleading Benghazi talking points today became a little less murky. A Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch has revealed who in the Obama White House gave former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice the misleading Benghazi talking points: Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes has his finger prints all over the most incriminating document of the lot.

Here’s the Ben Rhodes email.  Check out who received it.  Careful, it’s hot and still smoking:

It wouldn’t surprise me if Mr. Rhodes had an additional bullet point in mind that didn’t quite make it into the Goals section of his email:

  • To help ensure that Barack Obama gets reelected on Nov. 6th, 2012, so that we all may keep our jobs.

And of course, when confronted with failure and lies, the White House always doubles down and attacks.  Here’s WH Press Secretary Jay Carney at yesterday’s press briefing:

Can anybody say: “SPECIAL PROSECUTOR?”

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