Pat Caddell: The Establishment Republicans WANT the IRS to Go After the TEA Parties

In February, Democratic strategist Pat Caddell and Democratic pollster Doug Shoen spoke with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner   Here are some excerpts from the video:

Doug Shoen:  “…and indeed in the Republican party, I’m of the opinion that the establishment Republicans are fighting harder against the Tea Party than they are against the Democrats…  It’s because this is about intramural politics and self-interest, not the interest of the American people.

Pat Caddell:  “Let me add to what Doug said at this point:  This is about preserving privileges and arrangements that benefit these people over the country.  And I’d say… it is worse than seedy.  It is worse than corrupt.  It is the issue that no one is allowed to speak up and the American people in the polls know it.  This is a corrupt political system that doesn’t function, and as Michael Dukakis once said:  It rots from the head down.”

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