Dear GOP… We’re Watching

Photo credit: Michael Ramirez, IBD - hat tip: MJC

Photo credit: Michael Ramirez, IBD – hat tip: MJC

OK, the much touted, much dreaded 2014 elections are over.  The Republicans now control both houses by wide margins.  How did we do it?  We did it because we Conservative and Tea Party voters realized that the time to save liberty and freedom was now, the time for smaller government was now and the time to get back to the rule of law was now.  In the words of Congressman Ted Yoho, “We’ve had enough!”  So we held our noses, went to the poles and voted Republican.  We did this even if it meant voting for a so-called moderate or RINO.

So what did we get for our efforts?  Hopefully a new class of freshman representatives and senators who will hit the ground running in January and make a real difference just like they did after the 2010 elections.  But we’re also burdened with those RINOS who got reelected.  Will they change?  Senator Pat Roberts says that he’s learned is lesson and will be more conservative, but most will remain pretty much the same; better than the Progressive Democrats, but not that much.

I’ll quote Thomas Jefferson again: ”The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”  Now is NOT the time to lie back on the couch, it’s the time to stay active and keep fighting to make those elected keep their promises and stand up to the Progressive (too kind a term) Left!

While I’m just an amateur tea party guy, here’s what some professionals have to say:

Dear Republicans: No One Elected You to Work with Democrats

As the reality of a Republican wave became imminent last night, a dangerous narrative began to take hold among the conservative talking heads on cable news and in the victory speeches of the victorious Republicans. The narrative was that now that the Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, it is incumbent upon them to work with Obama and the other Democrats in the service of “getting things done” and “fixing the broken system.”  Read more at

Republican Majority, Day One: McConnell Surrenders
(We have captured your capital and destroyed your army! We surrender!)

If you watched the respective press conferences of Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell yesterday, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Democrats had just picked up a bunch of seats in the House and Senate, and the Republicans had just suffered a humiliating defeat. While President Obama was defiant and borderline delusional, claiming that the American people had not repudiated him and boldly proclaiming that he still had a mandate, and openly declaring that he would veto everything the Republicans sent his way and act on his own, Mitch McConnell was ruling out the use of the most potent weapons in his arsenal: Read more at


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  1. MJC says:

    Thank you for making these points and thank you for continually pushing yourself into actions that should make a difference.

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