How Narcissists Honor our Fallen Heros on Memorial day

In September of 2014, Fox News contributor and former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer famously declared that Barack Obama is “clearly a narcissist” who “talks like the emperor, Napoleon.” As Politico reported, Krauthammer told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that the president is “extremely self-involved.”

Given what the official Twitter feed for The Democrats posted to wish their followers a “Happy Memorial Day weekend,” Obama is getting a heaping helping of party support in efforts to make himself the center of attention, even on an extended holiday weekend that should be about honoring those who have paid the ultimate price to preserve our cherished freedoms. On May 22nd, the Twitter account of the Democrat Party sent out a brief message with a picture of the president eating a giant ice cream cone, with a gaggle of eager photographers slurping up the all-about-Obama moment.

The full picture embedded in the Democrats’ social media message reveals a young woman at the bottom of the photo who is clearly thrilled to be able to capture the historic instant when Obama and the Democrats paid homage to America’s fallen heroes with a presidential lick of his favorite cold and creamy treat [bold type, mine]. Read more and see the twitterspher’s reaction at


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