As Obama Toots His Own Horn, Judge Jeanine Rips Him a New One

Recently, President Obama said the following: “People don’t remember when I came in office uh, the United States in world opinion ranked below China and just barely above Russia and today once again the United States is the most respected country on earth.” Well on Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro set Mr. Obama straight in her typical pull no punches style. You go, your honor:

Most Respected CountryWhat an ego. With all due respect Mr. President, I’m not sure if you’re delusional or you just think that we are. We’re the most respected country on earth because of you? And you say this why? Might it have been your reset of that button with Russia that alienated the Czechs the Poles and the Ukrainians? Might it have been your refusal to address the crossing of your chemical weapons red line by Syria, or you refusal to support our ally Egypt, now forced to buy weapons from Russia, or your refusal to retaliate for the killing of Americans in Benghazi or even show up to defend them?

You might be respected had you shown up with forty other world leaders to denounce a slaughter of innocents in Paris. But then again, you can’t even say the words Muslim terrorist. Our true partners don’t know what to think and while ISIS continues in string of victories, you tout your make-believe coalition of 60 nations as if you’re saying to us: “Don’t believe your lying eyes.” Do you even know that Iran, China Russia and ISIS are the enemy? And even in this country half of Americans disapprove of the job you’re doing. And I bet you think they respect you too. Do you think that doing interviews with a bimbo in a bathtub has gained you respect?

But let’s focus on your actual job performance. This week your TSA proved wrong ninety-five percent of the time allowing grenades, knives and weapons to get past security, And I’ve gotta take my shoes off? This is on the heels of the Pentagon admitting they may have sent live anthrax over fifty times to eighteen states and this isn’t the first time. You want an agency for veterans overflowing with corruption they can even make sure that our military get the medical care they need before they die. Your own secret service can’t even protect you and is so amateur they call a gunshot through the White House window a backfire from a car. The IRS has become a political weapon targeting your opposition. By the way has your IRS considered looking at the charity status of the Clinton Foundation? The drug enforcement agency is too busy cavorting with hookers paid for by the drug cartels, but your philosophy is: “One of my core principles is that a I will never engage in the politics in which I’m trying to divide people or make them less than me because they look different or have a different, uh religion.”

So you would never divide people or treat them differently because they look different or have a different religion? Do you really think that Baltimore, Ferguson to the Trayvon Martin case reflect that philosophy? Do you really think it was okay at the National Prayer Breakfast to trash Christians telling us to get off our high horse as if we finally got what we deserved? You can’t conduct the people’s business running around saying things that are not true, like you can keep your doctor. And you can’t conduct the people’s business being thin-skinned criticizing our allies like Netanyahu or shifting the blame every time something goes wrong. You have to make people accountable who make mistakes, you have to prosecute them, fire them and not promote them, but then again, you’ve never been a chief executive. In a real corporation, you wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over the shareholders eyes to what you did with the American people.

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