Mark Levin Destroys Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Rhetoric

In this segment of Monday’s Mark Levin radio show, Levin lays out the fallacies of Hillary Clinton’s proposals of taxing and demonizing the rich. He explains that even if the so-called rich were taxed at a rate of 100%, it wouldn’t generate nearly enough funds to eliminate our country’s debt. He points out that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t talk in specifics, but she only mentions vague concepts in her rants of class warfare.

His larger points are that her rhetoric is untrue, and that the Republicans would have a field day refuting them if only they stood up. He said that: “This to me is such easy pickins, it’s the low hanging fruitcake, if you will, and that OUR people, they trip all over themselves. They get marble-mouths. They don’t know how to respond to the Leftists. I’ve grown up around Leftists. I’ve gone to school with Leftists. I’ve gone to law school with Leftists. They’re all around. And by now, if you’re running for a higher office, you should know how to deal with it…”

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