The Boehner Saga Goes On

Revealing the character of the man: John Boehner doesn’t think much of the recent challenge to his leadership by North Carolina Congressman, Mark Meadows. He doesn’t think much about his constituents or the American people either. In fact, he says it’s: “No Big Deal.”


Motion to Bounce Boehner in Tea Party Coup

Transcript: What happens when you sell-out your political party one too many times? You get bounced. And Tea Party leader Mark Meadows just filed a motion to bounce Boehner as Speaker of the House.

And if a no -confidence vote in the full House aligns with Mr. Meadows and the coup succeeds, it’s bye-bye Boehner. But if it fails, Boehner will likely make life miserable for Meadows, blocking him key committees, and maybe allowing him to sweep the floors or take out the trash.

Meanwhile, John Boehner, ever eager to cut a deal with the devil or the Democrats or both, is hanging in by a thread, pending the House Rules Committee gatekeepers decision whether or not to pick up the motion.

And if John Boehner receives the left foot of fellowship by right-leaning Republicans, we will soon see a new House Speaker assume the 3rd most powerful position in government. But who will he or she be?

According to The Hill magazine, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is on the short list. Not making The list is Trey Gowdy but could you imagine how interesting House sessions would be if the brilliant and brave Trey Gowdy were elected Speaker? C-SPANs ratings might reach a record number of viewers. And with 60% of Republicans polled wanting a new House leader, we soon may see a Speaker Walker or Speaker Gowdy or…

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