Hillary Clinton Emails: The Shoes Keep Dropping

Hillary DeleteFor some time now there has been speculation that Hillary Clinton’s private email server has been wiped clean (Click HERE for video). She has talked time and time again about how her staff deleted 30,000 of her personal emails. Of course she wants us to take her word about which emails were purely personal and not related to the Peoples’ business – She wouldn’t dare delete any of that, would she?

However, in the last few days some important new developments have come to light: First, the server may have not been wiped and many of the deleted emails may still be recoverable. Second, it was revealed yesterday that there is a five month gap, no emails whatsoever, in what was turned over the FBI. Put another way, Clinton is in effect claiming that there was a five month period while she was Secretary of State, that she didn’t send or receive a single email. Unbelievable! If this is true we should be demanding that Mrs. Clinton return all compensation she received from the taxpayers during this five month period.

More shoes: Hillary Clinton’s private e-mails included highly and automatically classified information on North Korea’s nuclear-weapons stockpile. And Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up and maintain her private server has said that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right rather than cooperate with the FBI, State Department or Congress. And oh yeah, what about hackers? See NYPost.com article.

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