MARK LEVIN – Donald Trump Tax Plan Could Have Been Proposed by REAGAN

In this clip from Monday’s radio show, Mark Levin discusses Donald Trump’s new tax plan. He said that while there are certain things he disagrees with, that overall, it’s a “hell of a plan.” Below is a partial transcript, which picks up just beyond the five minute mark.

…So this is a very pro-growth plan whether you disagree with some of the specifics or not, this is a very pro-growth plan. Let me say Ronald Reagan could have proposed exactly this plan. I don’t know who is advising him but I suspect it’s people of that sort, with that kind of background. This is not a redistribution of wealth plan; it’s not a tax the rich plan, even though some of the propaganda out there. Even some of the rhetoric from Trump suggested it, It’s clearly not. He’s lowering business taxes, he’s lowering capital gains taxes, he’s lowering the individual income taxes, he’s eliminating the death taxes, no marriage penalty, two and a half trillion dollars he wants to come home into the United States where there’s investments.

There are other things that I do have disagreements with, like I just said, that a significant number of people pay no taxes, I say enough of that. And also he penalizes investment overseas, I don’t buy that. I just don’t buy that. If you do these other things our economy will explode in growth, we saw that under Reagan, that’s exactly what happened. We don’t need to play games with protectionism and phony nationalism and tariffs and all the rest of it, we want to encourage foreign companies to invest in our country and that’s how you do it. We want to encourage our own companies to invest in our country that’s how you do it. This is a tax plan for America. This is pro growth, it’s pro individual, it’s pro employer, it’s pro employee, it’s pro family.

[People ask] “Mark, why are you always defending Trump?” This has nothing to do with defending Trump. Read it. But he ought to be defended for this. Why do I have to join in and all the other cat nipping all the time? I already said I disagree with the no taxes for a significant number of people, So what?

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