Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN General Assembly Speech – Full Version

On Thursday’s radio show Mark Levin spent some time talking about Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations General Assembly earlier in the day and the way he was received by the United States delegation. Although I’ve already posted two short clips of Netanyahu’s speech, the video below contains the full version for those who may be interested. Levin started his talk on the subject with these remarks:

“…At the United Nations today, the leader of the free world, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke. And I believe he made it abundantly clear that if Israel believes that Iran close to getting nukes that they’re going to attack. That’s what I took out of this, one way or another. He also made it clear they’re not going to tolerate attacks on their country by terrorists. And he also made it clear that the United Nations was useless. He stared down everybody in that chamber. He said that given the Holocaust, the loss of six million Jews, what the Iranian government has been saying about wiping out Israel, and not a word comes out of that body, not an official resolution, Nothing. Everybody is silent. And for forty four seconds, he stared at them – forty four seconds. And just so you know when ally the Israeli Prime Minister was speaking, the Secretary of State wasn’t present, Samantha Power, our so-called representative to the UN, she wasn’t present. He had the C-team in there and at one point when the whole chamber was applauding Netanyahu’s speech, they sat on their hands…”

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