Trump’s Base Did Not Show Up to Vote in Virginia. Why Would They?

Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

By John Nolte

Vox reports that rural white voters did not show up to vote in Virginia. Why in Heaven’s name would they?

For 25 years, I have been a faithful Republican voter, and never, in all of those years, have I ever been anywhere near as disgusted with the GOP as I am today. And I do not mean today-today over Tuesday night’s blowout in Virginia. You win some; you lose some. That happens in a democracy. But this loss, the Republican Party deserved. Oh, brother, did it ever.

Let me see if I understand the logic of voting Republican today: It is a cold November evening, and I am faced with two choices. I can either 1) remain in my comfy chair eating cookies in front of a warm TV or 2) I can leave all that behind to get bundled up for an inconvenient drive to my local polling place.

Now, after the last 11 months, explain to me why in the world would I even consider option number two?

You see, I had been under the misimpression that elections have consequences, that winning means change, that with victory comes accomplishment.

And so, while holding that naïve belief,  not only have I faithfully voted Republican for a quarter century, but over the last dozen or so years, I have devoted my career, countless hours, and lost weekends to doing my small part to win elections for Republicans…





I speak for legions when I say that eight years of effort, of stress, of hope devoted to putting Our Guys in complete control of the federal government was worse than a total waste. Worse because we have all been suckered by the GOP hustle, the GOP lie, the GOP con…



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