Alyssa Milano Takes Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes To Detention Center, Tries To Enter. It Doesn’t Work.

by Hank Berrien
On Wednesday, actress Alyssa Milano showed up at an immigrant detention center in Florida in her chauffeur-driven Mercedes and attempted to get inside, boasting, “I’m Alyssa Milano. I’m an actress/activist and I would love to be let in based on a community visit.”

The government agents had a simple response: Nope.

As The Daily Mail reported, “Once back in her car, Milano filmed another video and asked her 3.6 million followers to submit requests asking for her to be allowed in on Thursday. She urged her fans, ‘We tried to get in, they wouldn’t let us. They gave me a card to email to make a visit request … Maybe we should all email and tell them to let me in. Because I’m going to go back there tomorrow and again try to be let in … They want me to make an appointment to be let back in, usually that appointment is set up for two weeks later. Of course, in that two weeks they have the time to clean up the place. I thought it was important that they just let me in.’” Read the rest HERE.


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