MRC Poll: 76% of Conservatives Don’t Trust Facebook

by Corinne Weaver

More than three-fourths of conservatives don’t trust Facebook. The social media has been battling controversy after controversy about restricting conservative content.

This is part of the findings of a new poll, conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, specifically looking at conservatives’ attitude towards Facebook, C. The poll asked 1,000 likely voters some questions about their opinions about Big Tech.

According to the poll, 76.7 percent of conservatives polled do not trust Facebook to treat all of its users equally. However, the majority of people polled also expressed a similar opinion, with 63.4 percent of those polled saying they did not trust Facebook to treat all of its users equally.

Facebook recently released a report of its audit, conducted by the former director of the ACLU, Laura Murphy. In the audit, Facebook announced that it was looking to remove even more content based on ideology.

Google did not fare well with conservative opinion either. 62.9 percent of conservatives did not trust the search engine platform to treat users equally. Leaked documents from Google, published by Project Veritas, showed employees labeling conservative figures like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro “nazis.” However, almost half of those polled all together did not trust Google either. 47.9 percent agreed that Google did not treat its users equally. Read the rest HERE.

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