Nolte: Anti-Air Conditioning ‘New York Times’ Enjoys 6250-Ton Cooling System

AP Photo/Richard Drew

by John Nolte

The same New York Times campaigning to take away everyone’s air conditioning has a 6250 ton cooling system in its own building, reports FrontpageMag.

Oh, and a cool million dollars of it was taxpayer subsidized.

What this means is that this lengthy Times’ piece, that seeks to shame those of us who dare to escape the oppressive heat via cooled air, was proposed, composed, and copy-edited all within the extraordinary comfort of a…

…6250 ton chilled water system while heating is provided via high-pressure steam purchased from the utility. Air distribution is achieved via variable air volume boxes for interior zones and fan powered boxes with heating coils for exterior zones. The floors occupied by the New York Times Company utilize an UFAD system, the first of its kind in a New York City high-rise. There is a cogeneration plant provides 1.4 MW of electricity for the building year-round.

And that nifty little “cogeneration plant” that keeps these Luddites, these regressive hypocrites comfortable all year ’round…?

Yep, it was subsidized to the tune of a cool million dollars by taxpayers… By tax dollars paid by the men who make less money than the Times‘ harridans even as they toil outside on the roads and bridges without the benefit of air conditioning; by the men who built the Times’ billion-dollar building without the benefit of air conditioning… Read the rest HERE.

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