Last True American Racists Discovered–in Washington, D.C.

Charles Hurt – The Nuclear Option

by Charles Hurt

It is true. President Trump really is the least racist person in the world. Just ask him. “I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world,” he said this week.

The problem is that late in his long and storied life, Mr. Trump made the fateful decision to take up work in the world’s most racist city to try his hand at the most racist occupation left in America today. He became a politician.

Welcome to WashingtonMr. Trump.

Of course back before he ventured down here to the swamp, Mr. Trump was courted and heralded for all the Benjamins and bling he had accumulated as a real estate mogul, reality-TV star and New York tabloid fixture.

Even the truly racist race-hustlers from back in the 212, such as the Rev. Al Sharpton, gladly kissed The Donald’s ring back when he was still shakedown-able. You know, before he got Secret Service protection. But now that Mr. Trump is in politics in Washington, it’s all skin deep. Read the rest HERE.

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