White Robots Are Racist or Something

Image via Pixabay/GorrellArt.com

by Jim Treacher

I used to like robots. I thought it was pretty cool to assign menial tasks to machines, like cooking food and vacuuming carpets and deciding which TV show I should watch next. I even liked these crazy new robots they’re building now that can run and jump and climb things. Because what could be a more awesome way to die?

But that’s all over. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching, and now I realize that I need to check my privilege. Robots are bad for the same reason I’m bad: We’re white. Read the rest HERE.


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1 Response to White Robots Are Racist or Something

  1. Joe Z says:

    Like all not-privileged, not-connected white males, I’ve lived through 47 years of the government discriminating against me. It’s called Affirmative Action. On the other hand, all of those who are privileged and connected, like those in the media and the sons and daughters of millionaires, will never, ever understand this fact. Most white people DO NOT have the same privilege and connections that YOU do.

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