Actress Ellen Pompeo: ‘Stop Looking For Sh*t To Get Mad About’

by Betsy Rothstein

All it takes is for one white lady on a high-intensity medical show to tweet about a black woman’s performance during a presidential debate and a chunk of the world tries to call her racist.

Actress Ellen Pompeo wasn’t having it.

After the CNN presidential debate Wednesday night, Pompeo, who plays the very Caucasian “Meredith Grey” on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy — a show on which she confidently asked for as much money she could possibly ask for without getting too many of her female coworkers knocked off the hit drama wrote a tweet calling Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) “overconfident.”

For that, she was called racist.

But Pompeo, or Meredith (it was hard to tell you who was who after midnight East Coast time), just did not give a f–k who was saying what. To the bitter end, she fought back, spoke her mind and, above all, deleted nothing. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. The Flash says:

    And this surprises……who? Repeat after me…whenever you say ANYTHING critical of ANY black person – regardless of the truth or accuracy of the criticism – you are a RACIST according to liberals. It is their default accusation when it comes to anyone with even the smallest amount of “color” to them.

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