The El Paso Shooter Admits He is a Progressive Leftist

by Dr. Sebastian Gorka

It should come as no surprise that the FakeNews Industrial Complex has already pounced on the latest mass shooting for political purposes. Already there has been a flurry of cries from pundits and presidential candidates alike insisting that this shooting was somehow caused by President Trump and his rhetoric, and that this is allegedly further proof that our President is stoking racial division.

But once again, the media is ignoring an inconvenient little thing called the Truth.

A so-called “manifesto,” which investigators say they are “reasonably confident” was written by the shooter,  is already available online. While the normal course of action would be to completely shun this garbage to avoid giving him attention, his words must be analyzed for the explicit purpose of debunking this fake narrative that this shooting is somehow a Republican problem, or caused by President Trump, or otherwise to be blamed exclusively on the Right.

Of course, the manifesto bleeds with outright racist language as he describes a “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” and a “cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” However, within the text, the shooter makes several comments that reveal his true political identity. Read the rest HERE.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    Why would the “mainstream” media ever be concerned about the truth? Their “solutions” are always: Trump is responsible for ALL of the world’s problems. Guns are bad. And people everywhere need to give up all of their rights to socialist tyrants.

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