Greenland Ice Melt Shock – The Terrifying Truth!

Mario Tama/Getty

by James Delingpole

Greenland just lost 11 billion tons of ice melted in one day because of this shocking weather event known as ‘summer’.

CBS News‘s resident climate expert Ted Scambos [loving the poetry of that first syllable in his surname!] thinks this is worrying and unusual; so does the Washington Post, which declares it “one of its greatest melting events ever recorded”; so too does renowned Canadian alarmist Bill McKibben.

So too does presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, Senator for Minnesota:

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  1. Joe Z says:

    When Al Gore left the vp job in January of 2001 his net worth was around two million dollars. After working with Wall Street and other global-warming scam artists worldwide, “Green” Al is now worth three hundred million dollars. His house in Tennessee (one of several Al owns) uses up to 32 times more energy than the average American house uses during a year. And of course, Hypocrite Al is the first one to lecture us on our carbon footprint. I wouldn’t mind putting my carbon footprint on “Green” Al’s neck.

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